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You wrote in and we listened. A lot of you are enjoying the full downloads but over 90% of you really enjoyed the smaller photo updates / more frequent updates than all of the photos being posted at once. So make a note of the changes beginning in the Month of May.

CFH will be updated one FULL DOWNLOAD, one full set of NEW photos broken into segments if need be, Archived photos and clip segments too. There will also be the occasional story added as well as preview clips from upcoming releases in the download site. All that for the current low price of $14.95 a month.

The Full Monthly Downloads will be rotated into the vault / off the site every four months. (shorter clips and photos will remain as they have in the past for a year or more.)

Our member's prices will remain the same for a few months longer. If and when there is an increase, the current members "at that time" will be able to continue with their recurring monthly price as long as they keep their membership in tact.



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***January 2017 - The Current period is available now. (*the full downloads of the month will be rotated out every 3 - 4 months though with the clip segments from those videos remaining for a year).

April 2018 Updates

Clip Update Mandi vs. Holly 2-3
Sandy vs. Fay Tit / Catfight
Clip Update Mandi vs. Holly 2-4
April 04
April 09
April 12
Best of Pins #1
"Coffee" Briella vs. Angel #1
Full Download
April 16
April 20
April 24
April 28
April 30

***Keep in mind that the full downloads will be available only 4 - 6 months while other updates will remain at least a year.


March 2018 Updates

Candy vs. Marie Cat (full DL 1 of 2)
"Best Of" Stockings #2
Clip Update Mandi vs. Holly 2-1
March 04
March 08
March 12
Lola vs. Gen 2 Catfight pics 1
Clip Update Mandi vs. Holly 2-2
Lola vs. Gen 2 Catfight pics 2
March 16
March 20
March 24

Summer vs. Kitty


Cashmere' vs. Marie

coming to the download site at: www.cfhvideos1.com on Friday, March 30, 2018

Full Story Plus X-tra Pics...
Marie vs. Carmen & Kitty vs. Summer
March 28
March 31

***Keep in mind that the full downloads will be available only 4 - 6 months while other updates will remain at least a year.


February 2018 Updates

Riot vs. Sandy action pics
Tits-n-Bellys Clip #1
Jameson vs. Nicki (Hair pulling photos 1)
February 05
February 09
February 13
Sandy vs. Tia "The Way I See It!"
Tits-n-Bellys Clip #2
Kitty vs. Nicole Pins & Subs (DL)
February 16
February 19
February 22

The full live match between Marie and Candy will be postedon March 4 as #1 of our two full Downloads for the month of March. It was scheduled for the 28th of Feb. but tech issues kept us from it.

We hope you enjoy Edina vs. Vera from another CFH Live Event.

Gabrielle vs. Blake as noted to the right
Edina vs. Vera live action
February 25
February 28

***Keep in mind that the full downloads will be available only 4 - 6 months while other updates will remain at least a year.


January 2018 Updates

Random Photos - 2 see mem. blog
Clip Update
Riot vs. Sandy action pics
January 03
January 07
January 12
Clip Update
Megan vs. Mia "Clawing and Hair"
Custom Potpourri (Full Download)
January 16
January 21
January 24

Coming in Feb.

Candy vs. Marie catfight and Gabrielle vs. Blake pictorial. Longtime fan request.

Plus another full download, clips, other photos etc.

Clip Update (final part)
Sandy vs. Tia (A fan's take on it.)
January 27
January 31

***Keep in mind that the full downloads will be available only 4 - 6 months while other updates will remain at least a year.


December 2017 Updates

Angel & Em "The Morning Run"
Christmas Catfight #2
Clip Update
December 06
December 09
December 12
Random Photos (200+) see mem. blog
Angel & Em "The Morning Run" #2
Full Download
December 15
December 18
December 21
Cougar vs. Milf Christmas #3
Clip Update
Clip Update
December 24
December 28
December 31


November 2017 Updates

SGGW 2 Submissions 3
Clip Update
Best of Stockings #1
November 03
Novembrer 07
November 11
Clip Update
Full Download
CFH Story Time
November 15
November 20
November 23
Clip Update
Christmas Catfight
November 27
November 30


October 2017 Updates

Clip Update
Cougars Battle (pictorial)
SGGW 2 Submissions
October 03
October 07
October 11
Full Download
Cougars Battle 2
CFH Story Time
October 15
October 19
October 24
Clip Update
SGGW 2 Submissions 2
October 30
October 31


September 2017 Updates

Clip Update
Session Girls Gone Wild #1 (pics)
Full Download
September 06
September 12
September 15
Clip Update
CFH Story Time
Photo Update
September 17
September 21
September 24
"Best Of" Nicki vs. Jameson #1
Clip Update
September 27
September 30


August 2017 Updates

Gen vs. Mandi #4
CFH Clip update
Vidcaps from a never released video #1
August 01
August 05
August 08
Dana vs. Yana match photos
Full Download for August 2017
CFH Clip update
August 12
August 16
August 20
CFH "Best of" Stare Downs #1
CFH Story Time
August 24
August 28


July 2017 News...

(July updates are linked below)


July 2017 Updates

Late Night #1 Photo Story
VidCaps from Sandy vs. Dana #1
Story Time
July 03
July 07 (V)
COMING July 11
Clip Update (V)
Late Night #2 Photo Story
Clip Update (V)
July 15
July 19
July 22
Full Download Plus Clips
Late Night #3 Photo Story
July 26
July 30


June 2017 Updates

Clip Update
Blonde vs. Brunette Housewives Fight
Missy vs. Sandy Cat Photos #1
June 03
June 07 (V)
June 11
Clip Update (V)
Full Download Plus Clips
Missy vs. Sandy Cat Photos #2
June 15
June 19
June 23
Missy vs. Sandy Cat Photos #3
June 27
June 30


May 2017 Updates

Full download for May coming in Week #2 (May 9) so stay tuned. Also adding a couple of more updates this month from the extensive library of archives here at CFH.

Clip Update
Blonde vs. Brunette Housewives Fight
Full Download plus clips
May 02
May 05
May 09
Old Feuds Never Die pt. #1
Story by Bowen Plus an Animated Slide
Old Feuds Never Die pt. #2
May 13
May 17
May 21
Misc. Hair Pulling Pics #5
Clip Update
Old Feuds Never Die pt. #3
May 25
May 28
May 31



Week #1: Full Download *from the vault this month but at a higher quality than originally released and beginning with a new video again in May for 3 - 4 months then another from the vault etc. etc. "Gen vs. Sarah competitive catfight"


Jasmin vs. Angel Holds / Tactics competition... 160 pics
Catfight Story with a few animated pics...
Sandy vs. Dana #1 (Clip)



The Full Download - "Grannies Go At It" Missy vs. Sandy (Holds and Tactics)

Waist Scissors, Arm Wrestling, Seated Head Scissors, Full Nelsons and Tit Clawing...


Angel vs. Briella (match pics)
Saint Patrick's Day Rematch
Gen vs. Cashmere' pictorial (V)
Carmen vs. Gen Slugfest (full bout)




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