Hi, I hope that all of you will take part in the polls below. Please choose the answer that is most appropriate... Also please leave your comments regarding each of the polls if you don't mind.


What do you think? Jameson vs. Tia
If Jameson and Tia have a third catfight who do you think will win.

Please leave a comment as to why and what you would like to see


Possible Upcoming Matches (competitive, custom and beyond)
Which match would you like for me to arrange at CFH in the coming months

If I were still in my younger more carefree years and btw, that meant three to five nights a week at the club dancing and partying (before marriage and children) and met any of the below women in a bar type fight, which of them would you actually like to see me fight in that type of situation?

Copy of Let me know what you think?


Renee's Corner (3)
If you would like to see your significant other in a match who would you most like to see as her opponent...?

Significant others sister
Significant others best friend
Significant others coworker
Your coworker
Your sister
Your ex girlfriend / wife
an actress, model or singer
other (please leave in comments)

Current Results


Renee's corner
If your significant other would agree to a match with another female what type of match would you want her to be in...?

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