Just a few tidbits about things Haven related for the month of July.

Above we have a photo which shows Sandy, in the Playboy bikini vs. Missy from 1999 and the one on the right shows Sandy on Missy's back in late 2016. Both women were considered being "mature" in the photo on the left. No, we're not telling their current ages but the photo on the right depicts them fighting, "pre-makeup" and as Sandy was in the bathroom getting ready, Missy pitched a slight fit because she thought Sandy was taking too long.

Below is a photo taken not too long before the one above of Sandy being featured "post-makeup" in the Cougar Corner of CFH. To make a long story, short I'll end with "Beautiful in 99 and Beautiful now".

Lorie "CFH Customer Care"

Above is a photo of Gracie. Her short stint with CFH was one of a very few that were that short lived. More on her and her visit to CFH in August with several photos featuring her in August and September.

Above we have one of the promo photos for the "full download of the month" for June. "Session Girls Gone Wild" features Megan Jones and Mia Annabella in great action from start to finish. This download will also be featured in the download store in the near future so stay tuned.



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