STATUS: Inactive with clips and photo stories / sets still being shown on occasion.

Height: 5'05"

Weight: 135 lbs.

Age: 23

Candy is a spitfire for lack of better words. Of course if you ask Raven or even Marie you may be able to throw a few other titles in. She was one that loved a good hairpulling fight. Outside the Haven she's been in her share of conflicts we'll say. Not one to back down at all.

Her first match with rules against A.J. who didn't want any hair pulling or slapping allowed and that basically left Candy defenseless. She had no wrestling experience and A.J. because of her background walked over her basically. After that I met with her a few times and added hairpulling and some slapping to the mix and this gave her more of a chance to prove herself.

Finally she brought a friend over to introduce her to the Haven and to watch while she and Dece battled. They pulled hair steadily for what seemed like an eterinty with Candy coming out on top and both leaving with red, aching scalps and a dislike for each other to top it off.

Then came her matches with Raven. Classic matches indeed, where Candy said after the first meeting, "I can't wait until next time" then came video #36.

I haven't heard from Candy in a while now and hope all is going well with her. I do hope we have the opprotunity to meet again in the future.

Ages noted are when last work with the Haven was completed.


#4 vs. Renee Catfight (V-9 preceeded this but was released at a later date)
#5 vs. Kaylee Catfight with some good holds applied for submissions
#8 vs. A.J. Wrestling ending topless for both
#12 vs. Renee Catfight with custom intro / exit
#17 vs. Renee Catfight in denim shorts and knee boots
#20 vs. Raven Catfight
#31 vs. Dece Catfight
#34 vs. Marie Catfight
#34 vs. Holly, Raven, Renee Catfight (4-way tag match)
#36 vs. Raven Catfight
Several photo stories / sets
A few samples from photo sets and / or matches. *pics in members area are much larger (usually 800 x 600 or 900 x 675 with vidcaps being 640 x 480)



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